We all know that the exterior is what attracts you at first – but it’s the interior that really counts!

This might be where you spend most of your time besides work and home – so why not have it clean, bacteria free, a scent to your preference and good looking?

With our products all that is possible – in a VERY easy manner!

Odour & Scents:

Infinite will clean, De-Odour will remove that bad smell and our large variety of Spray Air Fresheners will have your interior in perfect scent. If you want to restore that leather scent – use OEM Hide.


Use Fabricleaner, Leather Cleanse, Hide Seal and OEM maintain to keep your seats in mint condition.

Trim & Plastic & General:

Infinite, Mist, Plastic Cleaner and Trim Reaper will keep your interior clean, UV protected and to the gloss you want.


Use our Moonshine glass cleaner – a product that has been under development for 12 months to achieve an outstanding car glass cleaner!