Multifunction Applicator

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Auto Glanz Multifunction Applicator - An Applicator for Most

With our Multifuktion Applicator, you get an applicator you can use ranging from applying varnish sealers and waxes, to leather care products and interior dressings. The applicator is soft, which means that it can be used on completely sensitive surfaces. Although the applicator is round, it has tapered edges, which makes it good to use even on small surfaces

Go '- Simple

No two applicators are alike. And the selection is large. With this applicator, we have tried to find a model that captures a wide range, instead of you having to have several different types - for different tasks. The applicator is soft, has a former closed cell structure so it does not suck (too much) product and just good for many things.

Our Multifunction Applicator is ideal to be used for applying any varnish sealer or wax. With two fingers above it and 2 fingers below, it sits well in the hand. You can almost fold it a bit, so it is easy to get the bucket of wax. This also allows you to use the tapered end to apply the product easily to hooks and edges.

If you use it for interiors, you can be happy that it is gentle and soft enough to be used on leather, piano lacquer, etc. . Just go to war!

Recommended for:


  • Application of varnish sealers, waxes and glazes
  • Application of leather care products
  • Application of dressing for interior, exterior and engine compartment
  • Rinse it after use with lukewarm water.

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