The finishing touch, really can make or break a finely detailed vehicle.

Our finishing products are specifically developed, tested and put through their paces to make adding those finishing touches an easy and enjoyable part of your detailing routine.

The finishing can be split into:


Try the high alcohol based Moonshine or get water repellent properties from Vision and Vision+.


AIO will give you that quick and easy polishing

Aqua Seal, Hyd-re-seal, Smooth velvet, Sp1, Supernova,  Synth Seal and Prizm can all make your paint look amazing.

Tyre & Trim:

Try our Trim Reaper for natural to high gloss look on your tyre and trim.


Sometimes the weather gods have not blessed you – and then our De-icer will get the job done. Microwash will clean all your cloths and polishing pads.