Cannon Coat

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Auto Glanz Cannon Coat - The market's easiest paint sealer!

Cannon Coat long-lasting paint sealer, which has been developed to be applied to your car via the foam lance of your high-pressure cleaner. Simply lather the car into Cannon Coat and rinse off the product. Then the car is sealed! The product increases the shine of the varnish, just as it makes all surfaces it is applied to both water and dirt-repellent. If you use Cannon Coat after every wash, you will always ensure that your car is easy to clean and always looks fantastic. We recommend using the product both as a top up of the car's existing paint protection, or as primary paint protection for those of you who just want to make paint sealing incredibly simple!

Latest technology

If you are into fast, simple and incredibly effective sealing of your car - then Cannon Coat is guaranteed to become your new favorite product. We have long since been convinced and have made Cannon Coat one of the products that has a permanent place at home in our garages and will henceforth be used in the teaching at our Car Care Academy.

If you are familiar with the popular Aqua Seal, then you already know a little about how Cannon Coat behaves. But the product is not just a slightly more popped version you can put in your foam lance. It is built up from the ground up with ingredients from both Trim Reaper, Aqua Seal and some completely new components taken from the world of nano-technology. With that, Auto Glanz is clearly in the lead when it comes to durability. Where the competitors may offer 2-4 weeks of shelf life at best, it is our experience that in the summer months you can get 3+ months of shelf life per bottle. treatment (!) Even in winter on a car that drives quite a lot, we have seen fine water beading even after 2-3 weeks. And that on a car that drives a lot of km. And considering how easy it is, this is pretty impressive!

All the benefits

You can and must use Cannon Coat, regardless of what paint protection the car has. Yes or not. Then if you just want it easy, you can choose Cannon Coat. Conversely, if you have a paint sealer, wax or coating - then you can use Cannon Coat to boost protection. 

On unprotected paint, Cannon Coat ensures that the paint becomes super hydrophobic. The water whips off the paint and helps you with the subsequent process of wiping the car. It ensures that the water droplets have a lower contact angle, which makes it easier, e.g. to blow the water off the varnish. 

Also, it considerably increases the shine of the varnish. You can clearly see, even on a well-maintained varnish, whether you have treated with Cannon Coat or not. Pretty cool!


  • Easy application. Lather the car in, rinse the car off
  • 3+ months shelf life
  • Make wiping your car easier
  • Boosts the shine of the varnish
  • No special preparation is necessary
  • Safe on all surfaces, including glass


Before application, make sure the car is thoroughly washed with Auto Glanz Pure Shampoo. Also, make sure the paint is cool and you work in the shade during application. 

  1. Mix 50 ml of Cannon Coat with 450 ml of water in a foam lance
  2. Spread the product over the entire car and make sure that all surfaces are covered - even the inner fenders and rims to prevent the build-up of dirt!
  3. Then rinse the car thoroughly. Pay special attention to having door seams and other openings where residual product can hide
  4. rinsed
  5. Then dry the car by blowing off the water, or use our Auto Glanz Double Twist Towel
  6. When you are finished, be sure to rinse your foam lance thoroughly with water.


Can Cannon Coat be diluted further? 

  • Yes, you can easily use Cannon Coat leaner 10-25 ml per 450 ml of water. Eg. if you wash the car often. In this way, the product can also be made super economical to use. 

I don't think I can get as good durability as you say? 

  • Durability depends on many factors. However, the most important factor is how clean the paint is and was in relation to the product was applied. If the paint has a lot of tar, fly rust and road film - we recommend "resetting" the paint. Eg. with a clay bar.