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Auto Glanz MP-5.0 - Efficient Metal Polish

MP-5.0 is an abrasive metal polish for non-coated alloy wheels, exhaust tips and other bare metal finishes. The abrasives break down for increasingly finer cut as you polish. It is created as a liquid formula for easy and efficient use.

Efficient and easy to work with

We all know that many of the areas of the car, such as the exhaust tip, don't receive as much “love” as the rest of the paintwork - and at the same time - it gets really dirty from the engine combustion. 

With MP 5.0 Metal Polish we decided to create a fast-acting, low usage and easy to use solution to dirty, faded, oxidised or discoloured metals.

MP 5.0 is a solvent-based abrasive cleaner containing friable (diminishing) abrasives that break down as you go, meaning it is an “all in one style” polish, starting off as a cut, but finishing finer and finer as the abrasives break down. 

It is suitable for all non coated metal surfaces, which includes Aluminium, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Gold and many more. 

Months of development

Creating a good metal cleaner is not the easiest job. 

MP 5.0 is the result of several months of development, and thorough testing in the field, in order to create a product that performs as to be expected in this age of detailing. 

Unlike many other products of this kind, MP 5.0 is a liquid formula, meaning you get an even distribution of the raw ingredients that work to remove oxidation - while still using a very small amount of MP-5.0.

Contents: 500 ml

How to Guide:

We suggest the use of an older cloth that is no longer used on paintwork or a new cloth especially for the job, that you don’t use anywhere else afterwards.

  1. Simply apply a small amount of MP-5.0 to a clean, soft microfibre cloth.
  2. Work the liquid into the surface of the metal, - The cloth will quickly turn black as the oxide is removed
  3. Continue to work, then buff off with a clean cloth, or a clean side of the cloth.
  4. Re-apply if required