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Auto Glanz Synth-Seal - Long Lasting Sealant

Synth-Seal is an easy to apply, long-lasting sealant.

It’s a polymer sealant but there’s a twist! 

That is:

Synth-seal is both a wax and a sealant! 

It offers the natural gloss levels known from a liquid wax coupled with the durability that synthetic paintwork sealants are known for.

What’s not to like?

Keep your paintwork protected

If you want to keep your paintwork in tip-top condition, it is important to keep it protected from external elements.

Chemical combinations on a molecular level allows Synth-Seal to be applied in the nature of a liquid wax, still maintaining the durability of a more complex sealant. 

The ability to bond actively achieved with the hybrid formula is remarkable and naturally accruing waxes simply struggle to compete.

As always we recommend a well prepared paint before using a sealant, but even with no special surface preparation it is still possible to achieve up to 6 months durability, with high gloss levels.

Combine that with the ease to apply Synth-Seal, and you will forget that you have to apply twice per year to get top quality protection! 

Synth-Seal is especially for you if you’re a beginner to paintwork sealant but still want:

  • Best possible Results
  • As little fuss as possible

Along with its performance benefits, the pleasant tutti fragrance will keep you wanting more as you protect your ride with ease. 

Contents: 500 ml

How to Guide:

Synth-Seal requires no special surface preparation to achieve good durability, however, it is always good practice to carry out complete decontamination before applying it.

  1. Apply a few drops of SynthSeal to a microfiber applicator.
  2. Working one panel at a time gently spread Synth-Seal over the panel working in criss cross motions (top to bottom, side to side in straight lines). Ensure a thin layer, across the whole panel.
  3. Allow the thin layer to cure for roughly 5-10 minutes and buff it off with a clean microfibre cloth.