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Auto Glanz SP1 - Extreme water-repellent ceramic top coat

SP1 is a top coat that protects and adds an extra layer of wear to any ceramic coating, paint sealer or wax. It helps the existing seal to loosen water / dirt and by being the "victim layer", That gets the road grime, salt and other deposits that can wear unnecessarily on the paint protection. 

By using SP1 at regular intervals, you will therefore extend the durability of your underlying paint protection. But - if you wish - the product can also be used as the primary paint protection. 

The super hydrophobic effect helps to make cleaning your car easier. A must if your car is protected with e.g. P1 Lite.

Developed for Auto Glanz ceramic coatings

Although SP1 can be used as a top coat for various seals, Auto Glanz has primarily developed it to be used with their ceramic coatings P1 Lite, P2 Lite, P3 Lite and P4 Lite. If you combine e.g. 2 coats P1 Lite and periodically apply SP1, you will be able to extend the durability of the coating up to 3+ years. Quite impressive for a coating, available to everyone! 

Can the ceramic coating not stand alone?

We understand well if someone thinks it's a little weird that you have to put a product on top of another product to protect it. Why not just make the coating "proper" in the first place? But it is not quite that easy. 

As such, the coating is hydrophobic and water and dirt repellent enough in itself. But the completely wild effect is usually only in the first months after the coating is applied. And these are the abilities that one would like to maintain. Because the coating continues to be incredibly repellent to the elements that come against it - you also have better protection. And as a side benefit, your paint remains easy to clean.



  • Provides extra protection for ceramic coatings
  • Recommended especially for maintaining Auto Glanz existing coatings.
  • Super hydrophobic 

How To Guide: 

Make sure the paint is clean and dry. Have you first coated with P1 Lite, then give it a minimum 30 minutes to harden in.

  1. Apply SP1 directly on top of the clean and dry surface and level it out with a microfiber towel. Be careful not to use too much product!
  2. Then let it dwell 5-10 min the varnish (depending on the humidity).
  3. Take a clean and dry microfiber towel and wipe for


How often should I apply SP1? 

  • We recommend that you apply minimum once every two months. If you drive many km, you can apply it more often. 

How long is the durability per layer? 

  • It depends on many things. How many km do you drive? Where is your car parked? How do you wash it? All these parameters affect the durability. 

How do I best maintain? 

  • Wash with Auto Glanz Pure shampoo. Treat with Blood Tonic / Spar-Tar before adding a new top layer. 

I find it difficult to wipe it dry. What am I doing wrong ? 

  • You may be using a little too much product or it may not get distributed enough. When distributed, make sure it is barely visible!