P2 Lite

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Auto Glanz P2 Lite - Ceramic Coating for windows and glass

With P2 Lite you get a ceramic coating for your windows and glass. 

For your windshield, the coating adds a water-repellent effect, so you minimize the need to use your wiper blades in the rain. 

The product is developed so that it is easy to apply - even under less than optimal conditions. This means that you can apply P2 Lite at home in your carport. Therefore it’s perfect for the car enthusiast. 

Longevity per treatment is 12+ months. But both this and the strength of the coating can be extended by adding additional layers.

Affordable coating

With our coating series - focus has been on creating some really affordable coatings for the enthusiasts. 

P2 Lite is one of these, which offers 12+ months of water-repellent effect at a very low price. 

And if you sacrifice the time for the preparation it takes to apply it correctly - then you'll be rewarded in the long run. Here you get the best properties (water-repellent) right where you want them. If you have not tried it before, driving with a coating or sealer on the windows is an exquisite pleasure. 

The water pearls on the windows and is simply moved away with the wind as you go, minimizing the use of your wiping blades.

Application "without wiping"

All Auto Glanz coatings are developed so that they require a minimum of wiping out excess coating. 

However, P2 Lite is together with P4 Lite (for trim and plastic) one of the coatings where you get closest to not having to wipe. And that’s a good thing.


The more you wipe - the bigger the risk of taking off too much product, meaning there is less left and the performance will take a hit. So, the better you can get the right amount of application per area, - the better performance you will get.




  • 12+ months performance - Longer time can be achieved with several layers / correct maintenance
  • Perfect cost/price effiency
  • Easy to apply
  • Super hydrophobic

Content: 30 ml - Enough For 10+ treatments


How To Guide: 

Make sure the glass is clean and dry. We also recommend that the glass is free of deposits and old sealants. Therefore, you should go over windows / glass with a clay bar and polish them for best performance. 

  1. Wipe the glass 
  2. Shake the coating
  3. Apply a few drops of coating on a velour cloth. And only a few drops !!
  4. Coating must be applied in a thin! and even layer. Work on one panel at a time and apply it in horizontal and vertical motions. Do not press hard! It is important in this process to make sure to distribute the product so much that it is barely visible to the surface. If it is very visible, spread the product over a larger area. From the time you start the application until you can not "move" around the coating, you have approx. 5 minutes
  5. After the coating is applied, it requires 10-20 minutes to cure, depending on the temperature / humidity. If you work professionally with car care and have infrared light available, you can shorten this process by heating it.
  6. After this time, there should be only a little excess product left at the surface. Use a microfiber towel to wipe off any remaining product.


I think it is greasy when it has to be wiped off. What am I doing wrong ? 

  • You have applied too much coating to the glass to begin with and / or you wipe it off too quickly. 

When must I expose the window to water? 

  • Wait as long as possible, however, a minimum of 2 hours.

How long does it take before I have to apply any other layer? 

  • Wait 40-60 minutes. You can apply a maximum of 2 coats - which will increase the wear resistance of the coating. 

Should cloths and applicators used for applying the coating be discarded after use? 

  • Yes ! 

I think it can be difficult to dispense the coating. Do you have a trick? 

  • Agree - it can be a bit difficult, unless the model you got is with a pipette (coming in 2021). Take a hose from an old spray bottle and dip it in the bottle. Use the hose to drip the coating onto the applicator. 

How do I best maintain the coating? 

  • Wash with Pure Shampoo. Wipe / clean it if necessary. with Auto Glanz Vision 

My wiper blades jump. It did not before? 

  • Some types of wiper blades will bounce when using a glass sealer / coating. In some cases, switching to a softer rubber wiper blade may help. 

I think the windshield has stopped beading the water. How can it be? 

  • Using wiper blades will wear on the coating. The more you use these, the shorter the lifespan of the coating.