Über Schwarz

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Auto Glanz Über Schwarz - Completely black!

Über Schwarz is tyre shine that gives your tyre sidewall a long-lasting dark and glossy look. Developed on solvents, so that the product actively adheres to the rubber and thus does not just look dull after a drive. Treated tyre sides are also highly hydrophobic and slippery - so the tyre sides are easy to clean when you wash them. 

The gloss can be adjusted - so if you want a wet look, you can apply several layers. The product is easy to work with and does not stain the car, should you drive immediately after application.

Gloss Tyre Dressing

Über Schwarz is a tyre shine leaning towards the more glossy side. But, as it should also appear from the pictures, it is not the "shabby-wet-car-dealer" look you get.

The product is dark / black in itself. Ie. Although it does not add pigment, we still think that it has a little colour in it. And that just means that the sides of the tyre get incredibly dark, but at the same time it has a glossy glow. It looks really good !

Good solvents

The viscosity when it comes on a tire applicator is, despite the fact that the product is thin-liquid - that it slightly sticks to the surface. This means that it will stay where you apply it. If you "smell" it, you will also notice that there is a little tar remover over it. The reason for this is that, unlike pretty much everything else, it is based on solvents. Solvents that you know from different types of sealants.

And why so?

At Auto Glanz we like thinking “out of the box”.

Because how do you make a tyre shine that also lasts a long time and is dirt-repellent like a paint sealer? Of course, the technology is combined so that it can also work on rubber. 

So with ÜberSchwarz you will not only get a tyre shine which looks good the first few days - but which keeps your tyre sides dark and black, while at the same time it repels water / dirt like a sealer for a long period. Really sweet product!




  • Make your tyre sides dark and glossy
  • Has a good durability
  • Water / dirt repellent
  • Easy to apply
  • Do not spray on the side of the car (!)


How To Guide:


We recommend that you first and then, if necessary, clean the tyre thoroughly with Auto Glanz Rebound and brush. The cleaner the surface, the better the adhesion.

  • Make sure the tyre sides are dry. Über Schwarz adheres best when dry.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly
  • Apply the product to an applicator and distribute the product evenly on the tyre.
  • Let the product dwell for 10 min. If the temperature is below 20 degrees - wait 15 - 20 min.
  • If you want a more glossy finish, you reapply a layer on the tyre sides (recommended as it increases durability)