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Auto Glanz P3 Lite - Ceramic Wheel Coating

P3 Lite is a user-friendly, long-lasting coating for your wheels. It is designed to be able to be applied under less than ideal conditions, which is why it is ideal for any enthusiast to apply at home in the carport. 

P3 Lite puts a heat-resistant protection on your wheels, and is super hydrophobic. 

It is incredibly dirt-repellent, which is why the use of harsh chemicals to clean your rims can be reduced to a minimum. If you have exhaust pipes on the car or motorcycle you want to protect as best as possible, you can also use the product for this. 

The durability per treatment is typically 12+ months or approximately a season. 

By applying more layers, however, you can increase the wear resistance and thus also the durability.

Crazy easy coating for wheels

P3 Lite is an easy coating to apply.

Like the other Auto Glanz coatings, it does not necessarily require wiping - as long as you get it distributed nicely and evenly on the wheel. But luckily it's incredibly easy. 

Because the coating on the wheels is incredibly smooth, it is leveled easily. If you happen to apply too much in one place, then it’s easy to remove again.

As the curing time is 10-20 minutes, depending on the temperature, you can apply the coating on several wheels at a time - before you possibly have to go back and wipe it. Therefore it’s a “fool proof” coating to apply, which anybody can apply, just read our simple “how to guide”.

Easy maintenance

We coat / seal / wax because we want 3 things;

  1. Easier cleaning
  2. Protect the wheels
  3. Make them look shinier

First of all, the P3 Lite is extremely hydrophobic - which in itself means that it has a good "self-cleaning" effect. This means that in many cases you can make do with your washing bucket and Hoops shampoo to clean them - which is an ultra gentle way. 

And if you use Primo, Blood Tonic or Alkalloy - you will be able to clean your wheels every other time just by spraying on and rinsing. That’s easy!

Brake dust and tar, together with other dirt, can over time get stuck on the wheels. P3 Lite helps to prevent this from happening, so you avoid corrosion.

And then there is the gloss. The coating also boosts this effect for shiny wheels, and for matte matte wheels you’ll get a little more fullness in color.

1,2 or 3 layers

P3 Lite can be laid in several layers. The more the better. Therefore, if you drive many kilometers (+25,000 km per year), it may be a better idea to apply more layers than if you drive a few km per year (<10,000 km). 

However, Auto Glanz has also developed SP1, as a ceramic top coat developed to take care of P3 Lite. It provides a fresh toplayer to the wheels, which is highly hydrophobic. This will enable you to continuously boost and maintain the coating's performance in an easy and simple way. 


  • Super hydrophobic
  • Easy to apply
  • Beautiful durability - which can be increased with several wear layers
  • Good interaction with Auto Glanz other products (Wheel cleaner, topcoat)
  • Affordable

Contents: 30 ml @ up to 3 layers on 1 set of wheels 

How To Guide:

Make sure the wheels are cleaned thoroughly. If necessary, use Blood Tonic or Primo to get in depth. Use Spar-Tar to remove any tar. Run them over with a clay bar and then you are ready to go.

  1. Wipe the rim with a Paint prep. 
  2. Shake the coating
  3. Apply a few drops of coating on a velour cloth
  4. Coating must be applied in a thin (!) And even layer. It's quite easy - as it almost slides on by itself.
  5. After the coating is applied, let it dwell for 10-20 minutes to cure, depending on the temperature / humidity. If you work professionally with car care and have IR light available, you can shorten this process by heating it.
  6. After this time, there should be only a little excess product left on the surface. Use a microfiber towel to wipe off any residual product.


How long does it take before I have to apply another layer? 

  • Wait 40-60 minutes. You can apply a maximum of 3 layers - which will increase the abrasion resistance of the coating. 

When do I have to apply SP1? 

  • You must do this when the coating has hardened - which is typically after 40-60 minutes. 

When can I expose it to water? 

  • We recommend that you wait at least 2 hours before exposing it to water. Feel free to wait until the next day. 

How do I best maintain the coating? 

  • Wash with Auto Glanz Hoops Shampoo or use a wheel cleaner such as Primo, Blood Tonic or Alkalloy. Feel free to apply SP1 to the rims from time to time to boost the hydrophobic effect.


Should cloths and applicators used for applying the coating be discarded after use? 

  • Yes !


I think it can be difficult to dispense the coating. Do you have a trick? 

  • Agree - it can be a bit difficult, unless the model you got is with a pipette (coming in 2021). Take a hose from an old spray bottle and dip it in the bottle. Use the hose to drip the coating onto the applicator.