Vision+ Glass Sealant

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Auto Glanz Vision+ Glass Sealer - Hydrophobic from 50 km/h

Vision+ is a semi-permanent sealer for your windshield and glass, which prevents rainwater from laying on them. Already at 50 km/h, the water will bounce off the windscreen, so the need to use your wiper blades is minimized. 

In fact, driving in the dark on a rainy day will feel like you have invisible wiper blades. It increases your comfort and road safety. Likewise, Vision + will prevent road grime, oils and dirt from sticking to your glass, so cleaning glass is much easier. 

The application is easy - and durability with proper care will typically be 6+ months.

How to nail it

Vision+ is simple, yet super advanced. The product is not a coating, but a flour / Teflon-based sealer - which binds to the surface of the glass. Once it has done this, it repels the water at just 50+ km/h - which almost eliminates the need to use your wiper blades. By reacting from low speeds, it makes the sealant suitable even if you drive a lot of city driving.

Unlike other window sealers - you do not necessarily need to wipe it after application. If you can apply it evenly over the entire window surface, the subsequent evaporation will ensure that there are no streaks / shadows from the residual product to be wiped. 

It can be a little difficult in the winter (due to the humidity), but in the summer it is quite simple. However, if you still feel that there is a little excess product on the pane, the residual product is easy to wipe off - even if this is not the intention.

Long durability

Vision + is not only hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also Oleophobic. This means that the road grime has difficulty getting stuck and you thus have an easier time cleaning windows again when you wash the car. 

The oleophobia on top of that hydrophobia, means that you get a really strong and durable seal. If you wipe the window after each time you have washed the car, with Vision you will thereby achieve 6+ months of treatment. Really nice of a product with a simple application method!

Contents: 30 ml which gives up to 20 treatments

How To Guide:

Make sure that your window is cleaned and any old sealer is removed from the glass. Feel free to wipe the window with an alcohol-based glass cleaner such as Moonshine, to ensure that the windscreen is completely ready to receive the sealer.

  1. Use a coating applicator for the application
  2. Apply Vision+ to the coating applicator
  3. Work the product into horizontal and vertical movements. Make sure it is evenly distributed
  4. Once you have distributed the entire windshield, turn the coating applicator to the clean / dry side or apply a new cloth.
  5. In circular motions, work until a nice uniform and clear surface is seen.
  6. Wait 2 minutes and allow any residual product to evaporate.
  7. The product should not require extra wiping. If streaks occur, simply apply a little extra product, see section 2-6


  • Store between 5-25 degrees
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight