Curved Tire Shine Applicator

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Auto Glanz Curved Tire Shine Applicator - Narrow and Curved

Curved Tire Shine Applicator is an applicator dedicated to applying tire shine. The applicator has, as the name suggests, a curved surface that fits the tire. This makes it easy to apply e.g. Über Schwarz or Trim Reaper evenly on the surface of the tire. A slightly harder foam backing prevents the product from penetrating the applicator while ensuring a good grip on it. & Nbsp;

Feel free to cut it!

... Yes, you heard right. For the first time here you will find a product we encourage you to modify - if you feel like it. Understand us, & nbsp; Curved Tire Shine Applicator & nbsp; is a super nice applicator for applying your tire shine. However, if you are one of those who drive with tires that have a profile lower than 50 on the tire, then you can benefit from dividing it right across the middle. This gives you an applicator that fits better with the slightly narrower sidewalls 😉