TT Serum

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Auto Glanz TT Serum - Restores and protects rubber and plastic

TT Serum is for 2023 a completely new conditioner in concentrate, that penetrates and does not just sit on the surface of all types of rubber, plastic and vinyl. Based on advanced polymer technology, the product will not only give treated surfaces a premium satin finish, but also a nice water/dirt-repellent effect that keeps the surface cleaner and nicer, longer. The product is recommended for tire sides, interior/exterior plastic/trim, engine plastic etc. and can be diluted up to 1:3. TT Serum is based on environmentally friendly chemistry, which is why the product is both biodegradable and has a low VOC value. This makes it ideal for you who work professionally with car care!

Fantastic dressing!

Here you get a thick gel that you can use to care for all kinds of plastic and rubber - and give it a premium look that lasts. The secret is a new technology that only a few incl. Auto Glanz is in possession of. 

The technology, in contrast to normal water/solution-based dressings, allows both to:

  • Protect
  • Add moisture
  • Add UV protection
  • Add hydrophobic effect
  • Add antistatic effect
  • Give a satin finish

... in 1 product !

You get a product here that can keep plastic and rubber looking fresher - longer. 

TT Serum is formulated to not just be applied to sit on top of the surface, but actually penetrate it and protect it. In this way, there will be a much smaller probability of discoloration on e.g. tire sides - just as you will experience a longer shelf life, especially in the cold and wet months.

Economical in use

Thanks to the gel formula, TT Serum is economical to use. This means e.g. that the product does not sink into and disappear in your applicators. This way you get more product transferred to the surface you want. 

Also, the product can be diluted 1:3 - if you want a more subdued look on e.g. interior surfaces. But even in its raw undiluted form to look nice, satin and premium!


  1. Shake the product thoroughly. For best results, it is recommended that the surface to be treated is thoroughly cleaned first. Eg. with Rebound on the tire sides and Plastic Cleaner on interior plastic.
  2. On a dry surface, apply a small amount of TT Serum on an applicator as desired. Work the product in so that the surface has a uniform look. 
  3. Allow the product to dry after application
  4. Remove any excess product with a microfiber cloth. The surfaces must feel dry after treatment.  

TT Serum can be layered to give a deeper satin finish. Wait 30 minutes between each layer. 

If you want a less glassy finish, you can dilute the product 1:3 with water. We recommend using demineralized water for the purpose, as hard water can have a negative effect on the product if it is left ready-mixed for a long time. Do not mix more product than you expect to use.