P4 Lite

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Auto Glanz P4 Lite - Ceramic coating for trim and plastic

P4 Lite is a dedicated coating for plastic and trim. It gives surfaces in plastic fullness / darkness and helps maintain this look for up to several years to come.

Likewise, the treated surfaces will have a strong water / dirt-repellent effect - so these are easier to clean.

The coating has been developed with the enthusiast in focus, so that it can be applied under less than ideal conditions. The durability per treatment is 12+ months and can be extended by adding several layers combined with proper care.

Darkness and fullness

P4 Liter helps to get gray and dull plastic revive, in the way that it gives the surface a darker shade. And it does not matter if the plastic is in the engine compartment, on the side of the car or on the bumper.

Next, it ensures that the look is kept due to the built-in UV protection - so you do not have to re-treat again and again, as you often do with trim dressings.

When washing on the treated surfaces, you will notice how dirt is easily removed.

Surfaces will have a "self-cleaning" effect - so often all that is needed is high-pressure rinsing with water to clean the surfaces.

But can of course also be used in conjunction with one of our shampoos like Pure.

The application is simple. 


  • Gives plastic / trim a darker shade and depth
  • Can be used on plastic almost anywhere on the car
  • Has a long durability
  • Simple to apply - Requires no wiping
  • Self-cleaning effect

Contents: 30 ml

How To Guide:

Make sure to clean the surface first. If necessary, use Plastic Cleaner to thoroughly clean the plastic.

  1. Wipe the plastic with a paint prep.
  2. Shake the coating
  3. Apply a few drops of coating on a velour cloth. And only - few drops !!
  4. Then apply the coating evenly.

Wiping is not necessary, unless you have areas where you can see there is more coating, than others. If there i,, this can be leveled after 10-20 minutes depending on the temperature.


How long do I have to wait between each layer?

  • If you want to apply in several layers, wait 40-60 minutes between the layers. The coating can be applied in a maximum of 3 layers.

How do I best maintain P4 Lite?

  • Wash with a pH-neutral shampoo such as Pure. Avoid using harsh chemistry - as it will degrade the coating. After washing on a clean and dry surface, you can top up with Auto Glanz SP1.