Armour Mousse

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Armour Mousse brings hybrid wax and silicone technology together to create a paste wax offering the ultimate synthetic paintwork sealant.

Easy applied hybrid technology

Armour Mousse contains the same hybrid technology found in all of our protectants, you can be sure Armour Mousse lives up to the performance of the rest of the hybrid family, like Synthseal and Smooth Velvet.

Armour really is a pleasure to work with. Application could not be any easier, a simple dab in the mousse will leave you with plenty of product to spread for even a large panel.

To buff it up and remove excess product, simply allow the product to flash for a few moments and buff to a high shine finish with a soft, high-quality microfibre cloth. 

Please note that to use paintwork sealant it is as always recommended to prepare the surface, but even without preparation, Armour Mousse will bond heavily to the surface and stay there! So use it regardless of whether you carry out a full paint correction or just a thorough wash!

Contents: 50 or 150 ml

How to Guide:

Use on a freshly washed or paint corrected car. 

  1. A simple touch in the mousse with a microfibre applicator will leave you with plenty of product for a large panel.
  2. Let it flash/cure for a few moments, then buff to a high shine finish with a soft, high-quality microfibre cloth.

Pro tip!

Try applying Luminosity, our liquid wax, over two cured coats of Armour Mousse. These two products bond to each other and produce gloss levels and durability that will leave you speechless!