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Auto Glanz P1 Lite - Ceramic Coating for Paint

P1 Lite is a user-friendly coating which gives the paint a long-lasting and glossy protection.

 It has been developed with the enthusiast in focus, so that it can be applied under less than ideal conditions, for example at home in the carport. 

The coating makes the subsequent maintenance of the car easier, as dirt has a harder time settling on the surface. It also protects the paint from acid damage from fallout such as bird droppings and insects. 

The coating offers 12+ months of protection with a single layer. But more layers can increase both durability and longevity. The longevity can with 2 layers of coating, correct washing method and ongoing maintenance Auto Glanz Top Coat be increased to 3+ years.

Coating "without wiping"

P1 Lite is part of the Auto Glanz Coating series, which has been developed with the enthusiast in focus. Here you get a coating that is simple to apply and that gives you a long durability, even with a single layer. 

The coating is made, so if you apply it finely / evenly enough - you only need a very light wipe. 

It may just take a few panels before you get it right - but in the end - you will be asking yourself why you have not jumped into a coating before!

The coating has a long working time - meaning that you can level it around the paint for up to 5 min. This is smart because if you have applied a little too much coating on the applicator - then you have plenty of time to smooth it out. After 15-20 minutes, the solvents will typically have evaporated - and any potential highspots can be wiped off easily.

Sheeting instead of beading!

Unlike other coatings, P1 is not developing to create heavy beading. meaning that when the water hits the surface, it does not create water pearls as you see on many ceramic coatings. 

Instead the water joins together, and runs off the paint - which might not look as cool - but that is what you actually want. 

Because - as a result, there is less water left on the paint, which gives less water to dry and a minimal risk of limescale spots. Smart!


  • Affordable coating
  • 12+ months durability for 1 coat
  • 36+ months durability for 2 coats and continuous maintenance with SP1
  • Easy to apply
  • Adds extra shine to the paint
  • Makes the water release the paint

Contents: 30 ml @ which corresponds to 2-3 coats on a single car 

How To Guide: 

Make sure the paint to be treated is clean and dry and free of any dirt. 

We always recommend that the paint is washed, clayed and polished before applying any coating.

  1. Wipe the paint with a paint prep
  2. Shake the coating
  3. Apply a few drops of coating on a velour cloth. And only - few drops !!
  4. Coating must be applied in a thin (!) And even layer. Work on one panel at a time and apply it in horizontal and vertical motions. Do not press hard! It is important in this process to make sure to distribute the product so much, that it is barely visible on the surface. If it is very visible, spread the product over a larger area. From the time you start the application until you can’t "move" around the coating, you have approx. 5 minutes.
  5. After the coating is applied, it requires 10-20 minutes to cure, depending on the temperature / humidity. If you work professionally with car care and have IR light available, you can shorten this process by heating it.
  6. After this time, there should be only a little excess product left on the surface. Use a microfiber towel to wipe off any residual product.


I think it is greasy when it has to be wiped off. What am I doing wrong ?

  • You have applied too much coating to the panel to begin with and / or you wipe it off too quickly. 

How long does it take before I have to apply any other layer?

  • Wait 40-60 minutes. You can apply a maximum of 3 coats - which will increase the durability of the coating. 

When do I have to apply Auto Glanz SP1?

  • You must do this when the coating has hardened - which is typically after 40-60 minutes. 

When can I expose it to water?

  • We recommend that you wait at least 2 hours before exposing it to water. Feel free to wait until the next day. 

How do I best maintain the coating?

  • Use a proper washing method. We recommend the washing method with 2 washing buckets. Wash with Auto Glanz Pure. Apply Auto Glanz SP1 as often as you like, but at least every 2-3 months. 

Should cloths and applicators used for applying the coating be thrown away after use?

  • Yes ! 

I think it is difficult to dispense the coating. Do you have a trick?

  • Agree - it can be a bit difficult, unless the model you got is with a pipette. Take a hose from an old spray bottle and dip it in the bottle. Use the hose to drip the coating onto the applicator.