Cloth Pack 300 (10 pak)

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Auto Glanz Cloth Pack 300 - One cloth for everything

With Cloth Pack 300 from Auto Glanz, you get a pack of 10. 40x40 cm microfiber cloths without edge stitching. The cloths can be chosen in 3 different colors and are suitable to be used for almost all purposes. So even if you need a cloth to wipe polish, coating, interior or doorjams - Cloth Pack 300 is the obvious all-round cloth for the purpose. 

Just the one we've been missing

In our view, it is difficult to find a good balance between low price and good quality when talking about microfiber cloths. Because when we talk about microfiber and a low price, then the quality also follows. However, with Cloth Pack 300, Auto Glanz has succeeded in making a good cloth of 300 GSM, where price/quality goes well together. That is here you can get a stack of cloths that are not disposable, but at a price that smells a bit like it. And we like that. Because we think it is important when, for example, starts tasks such as polishing, coating or interior work - that you don't suddenly lack 5 cloths because you chose to save a little because they were too expensive. Here you get 10 pieces, so you can change to fresh cloths more often and thereby get a better result and a good experience.

For the whole thing

Cloth Pack 300 can, as I said, be used for "everything". The only thing we might not recommend is to wipe off the varnish from water after washing or perhaps just wipe off a varnish seller/wax. But for tasks where you benefit from a good gripping effect and where the cloth does not need to be soaked with product - that's where it gets our warmest recommendation.

Use them for:

  • Wiping of seams and engine compartment
  • Wiping off polishing agents
  • Wiping of coatings
  • Wiping of quick detailers and spray wax
  • Wiping interior surfaces - both hard and soft

Contents: 10 pieces per package

Washing instructions:

  • Wash the cloths separately (Especially the first few times, as color can rub off)
  • Wash at maximum 40 degrees
  • Auto Glanz Microwash Detergent recommended
  • Do not use fabric softeners and/or bleaches
  • Dry them in a dryer - this will open the fibers