OEM Maintain Leather Conditioner

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Auto Gloss OEM Maintain - Leather Conditioner

With OEM Maintain, you get a spray-based conditioner, which can be used to maintain the brand new look on leather seats and trim in leather. The product adds the necessary moisture to the surface, so that it maintains its original properties. 

The product works well in collaboration with Hide Seal and Leather Cleanse, so you have the perfect trio - to keep your leather in perfect condition. And if you love the scent of new leather, then you can be happy that the product also leaves a nice scent of real leather! 


OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer". 

At its finest the product's capabilities is to keep leather surfaces to their original look. No added shine or anything else. No, just give the leather the moisture it needs to maintain its flexibility, so that it does not crack and dry out.

The product comes as a liquid cream. But made so that it can be sprayed on an applicator or directly on for example a seat. This makes the product incredibly easy to work with, and it’s up to you to decide the workflow that suits you the best!

Both while you work with it, but also after application, you will be able to enjoy the scent of leather. Not synthetic, and unnatural -but just made of really nice leather in high quality.

The 3-stage rocket

OEM Maintain is part of a process where you have 3 products.

  • Leather Cleanse - to clean leather
  • Hide Seal - to seal the surface so it does not absorb splashes / spills
  • And then finally OEM Maintain to give the leather moisture to maintain its properties

Do you have to choose all 3? Yes, if you want to give your leather seats the optimal protection.

Contents: 500 ml


  • Premium product!
  • Gives the leather moisture
  • Makes the leather smooth
  • Is easy to work with
  • Leaves a pleasant scent to real leather

How To Guide:

  1. Clean the leather first with Leather Cleanse
  2. If necessary apply Hide Seal 
  3. Shake the bottle well
  4. Spray the product on a microfiber towel and or directly on the leather and distribute the product.
  5. Distribute until the cream is "gone" - there should be no major stains that are not distributed
  6. Wait 5-10 min and re-treat if necessary or dry up with a microfiber cloth


How often should I apply the product?

In these situations:

  • In areas where there is a lot of touch and friction, you should apply the product regularly
  • After each time you have cleaned the seat
  • When the surface feels dry

Do I have to do anything before I treat the leather?

  • If the leather is dirty, you can use Leather Cleanse. If it is not, you can simply wipe over with a damp cloth and then apply the product.