Microfiber Applikator

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Auto Glanz Microfiber Applicator - Multipurpose Applicator!

Glaze, lacquer sealer, wax, metal polish ... Yes, even coatings. No matter what you want to apply, Microfiber Applicator can be used. As the name suggests, the applicator is made of microfiber. It is therefore super soft and washable so it can be used again and again. Their block-like design makes them comfortable in the hand.

Applicant's response to the APC

Microfiber Applicator must be almost what we call the applicator's response to the APC. That is, a product that can be used for many different purposes. For that we must say that this applicator can.

Very square, we would say that Microfiber Applicator can be used for applying almost all products. And it's right from your leather conditioner to your ceramic coating or glass sealer, just to name a few.

Fits well in the hand.

Microfiber Applicator fits super well in the hand. Nice soft and good to hold. Perfect for applying product in tight places, or quickly over large surfaces. As we have mentioned before, the possibilities are many.

The fibers are very short and the same. This means that it is easy to apply a product evenly and evenly. And this is especially important when wiping a product again. The more even and even it is applied, the easier it is to wipe.

Price per piece

  • Applicator for virtually any purpose
  • Square, made of microfiber and super soft
  • Built-in foam membrane
  • Fits well in the hand
  • Washable
  • Particularly good for;
    • Application of lacquer sealer
    • Applying wax
    • Glaze application
    • Application of glass sealer
    • Applying dressing in engine compartment
    • Polishing metal