Interior Scrub Pad

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Auto Glanz Interior Scrub Pad - Extra cleaning power for cleaning interior surfaces

With the Scrub Pad you get a 2-seater "sponge" that you can use to scrub both hard and soft interior surfaces. Perfect for surfaces where the brush is typically too soft - or on slightly larger surfaces where you want to go over them a little faster. One side of the Scrub Pad has a coarse fiber that grips the surface extra well. The opposite side has a tightly woven microfiber, which you can either use to scrub with or e.g. apply a plastic or leather care product.

Leather Cleanse, FabriClean, Plastic Cleaner, Trim Reaper....

4 obvious pieces of chemistry that you can use the Scrub Pad with. For example, when you need to clean your leather steering wheel or seat with Leather Cleanse. Clean fabric surfaces with FabriClean. When you need to thoroughly clean hard surfaces with Plastic Cleaner... And finally, you can turn it over to the microfiber side when you want to apply a layer of Trim Reaper to protect the hard surface again.

Just a few examples of how the Scrub Pad is super handy for anyone who takes care of cars on a hobby or professional level. Then it's just a piece of tool that's nice to have.


  1. Rinse free of chemicals after use
  2. Let dry naturally