Trim Reaper

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Auto Glanz Trim Reaper - For your tyres and all exterior plastic

Trim Reaper is an extremely durable, water / polymer-based dressing to care for all interior and exterior parts in plastic / trim and rubber. It is therefore a bit of a multi-tool to get bla. your door sides, dashboard, deck and e.g. your engine compartment to stand incredibly nice. The product can be used clean, but also diluted up to 1:25 with water - depending on how you want the look. Contains UV protection and has the ability to repell water / soiling / dirt and grime!

For everything

Trim Reaper is the product you should go for if you want an "All Purpose Dressing" that can be used to care for all hard surfaces in plastic, trim and rubber.

The product comes straight out of the bottle extremely dry, which gives a glossy and wet look to your tyre sides. Likewise, if used completely clean - it gives a nice fullness on the outside trim. Eg. the bumper as you can see from the pictures.

If you make sure to let the product dry, after a while it will be even and just smooth to the touch.

Trim Reaper will bind to the surface and form a barrier that protects with UV, so the surface is protected from the sun and stays clean and neat for a longer time. On exterior areas you will find that when you wash on it, the surface will get hydrophobic abilities.

Contents: 500 ml 


  • Can be used to treat plastic, trim and rubber inside and out
  • Can be diluted up to 1:25. The lower, the more shine / wet look.
  • Provides UV protection
  • Makes treated surfaces easier to keep clean and neat
  • Super fine durability
  • Hydrophobic


How to Guide: 

Dilute in a spray bottle typically:

  • Tyres: Used clean or up to 1:5
  • Exterior plastic: Used clean or up to 1:10
  • Interior: Used clean or up to 1:25 The

Above is indicative and depends entirely on the look you want.

  1. Make sure the surface to be treated is cleaned
  2. Spray directly on the surface or apply with an applicator for the purpose
  3. Distribute the product. Then leave it dwell for a moment.
  4. Then wipe off excess product.