Plastic Cleaner

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Auto Glanz Plastic Cleaner - Cleans plastic, trim and vinyl

With Plastic Cleaner you get a dedicated product to be able to safely clean soiling on all hard surfaces in your interior. It is thus perfect for getting splashes of door sides, glove compartment cover, panels and dashboard made of either plastic or vinyl.

The product can be applied directly to the surface and then worked with. It leaves no scent, but just a nice and clean look which you can subsequently top up with a care product, if you want this. 

Plastic Cleaner is ready to use and does not need to be diluted.

Simple cleaning of your interior

Plastic Cleaner is one of the products that you just have to have in your car care arsenal. A product that is reasonably universal for all the hard surfaces inside your car. A product that is effective but safe to use - without so much nonsense.

The product is super easy to use. For cleaning areas where you have splashes from dirty shoes or just dust - spray on and wipe. Done. 

If the surface is dirtier, you can use a detailing brush and spray on the surface and work a little with the brush. The product will foam up easily. Then you wipe off - and you will be greeted with a pure OEM look without added shine or anything else.

If you do not get dry completely after, then do not worry, as it evaporates a bit. Then surplus product that had entered a corner and was difficult to wipe off - disappeared by itself.

Scent of ...

For one reason or another, many cleaning products need to have a scent of something. It's both good and bad. Because if the product works well - but has a scent you do not like, is it worth it?

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that with Plastic Cleaner. It smells .. like Nothing.

So while using it and when you are done, it does not smell of either oranges or coconuts. No, you can instead choose the fragrance freshener you like - if you are up for it. And if you are not into scent in the car - then Plastic Cleaner is just Win / Win! 


  • Deep clean plastic, trim and vinyl
  • Safe in use
  • Can be sprayed directly on the surface
  • Has and leaves no odor 

How To Guide: 

  1. Spray directly on the surface or apply via microfiber If necessary,
  2. touch with a detailing brush
  3. Wipe off