OEM Hide

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Auto Glanz OEM Hide - Premium Leather Odourising Spray

OEM Hide keeps that fresh leather fragrance in your car - for as long as you want it. 

Spray a few times on dark areas or car mats, and that beautiful scent on new leather is back!

Long lasting and odour eliminating

Bring back that brand new car fragrance with OEM Hide. 

It’s created to be a Premium Leather Odourising Spray, and gives you that long-lasting new leather fragrance in your car. 

Simply spray OEM Hide into your carpets and dark fabrics for a long-lasting, leather fragranced aroma.

OEM Hide does more than just mask odours, as it contains advanced odour eliminating compounds, safely bonding and encapsulating the bad odour. 

Contents: 500 ml

How to Guide:

  1. Spray to your preference a few times on carpets or dark fabricse of the cloth.
  2. Re-apply if required