Drill Brush

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Auto Glanz Drill Brush - If you want to get all out !

Our Drill Brush gives you extra power when you need to clean mats and fabric seats at the bottom. It is easily mounted on any drill/screwdriver and can be used together with any cleaning agent for fabric and carpets. A great tool for the enthusiast - and a must have for the professional!


Then you can dust off your drill. Because with the Drill Brush, you finally get something you can use it for ;-)

Sometimes it's just necessary to use some extra knuckle grease when mats/carpets and seats need to be cleaned. Here it is great to have a tool that can really take hold. And we must say that the Drill Brush can do that. It really is a serious "power-tool", which can really dig out when necessary. When you combine the power of your screw/drill, with some stiff but still soft brushes - you really get something that wants something.

This is how it is with fibres..

The fibers in your mats and fabric seats are incredibly good at absorbing what lands on them. This means that when you have packed the kids into the car after a football match - and maybe you don't have time to clean the mats right away - the dirt will settle deep inside the fibers.

Drill Brush will with its forces to get the dirt out - without damaging the fibres. 

Diameter: 12 cm

  • Makes it faster to clean fabric surfaces
  • Softer bristles than similar products
  • Fits all screw/drill machines