Glass Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 3 pcs)

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uto Glanz Glass Cleaning Cloth - Weapons Against Striped Windows

With our Glass Cleaning Cloth, you get a microfiber towel intended for wiping inside and outside windows and glass. The towel is developed with extremely dense fibers, which makes it easier to get a strip-free result when you wipe your windows. The towel is practical 40 x 40 cm, which fits, it can be folded twice and lie well in the hand. This also has several clean sides to work with - which makes it convenient to be able to fix more windows before the towel gets damp.

Just as it should be

How towels of different kinds should be screwed together is perhaps mostly a matter of attitude. On glass, however, it is important in our optics that you have a towel that has a reasonable absorbency - but at the same time can dry the pane without stripes. For glass is just some of the hardest part to get neat. Understood in the way that you learn it really the hard way - if e.g. the inside of the windshield is not properly interrogated. When the window is slightly misted inside and when driving in the evening, it looks like it is smeared in "liver pate". And it's just super tiring!

Glass Cleaning Cloth is not the most absorbent towel in the world. Therefore, do not expect to be able to wipe the entire car both inside and out with a toweCARCARE FREAKS. A towel might be ok for 1 windshield and 2 side windows MAX. On the other hand, the towel is cheap, so it does not hurt so much to have a 5-10 pieces in one's arsenal. And here we come to the most important thing when we work on panes and glass. It is to work as dry as possible. Because if you work with a damp towel - then it is difficult to get the windows strip-free. And as long as the Glass Cleaning Cloth is dry - it's great!

The fibers in the towel are super dense. Ie. that when you collect dirt and liquid, your litter is leveled out. And when you level a glass cleaner well and dry it after, it is easier to evaporate. And better evaporation = streak-free result.


  • 40 x 40 cm
  • Dense fibers - easy to get a streak-free result
  • Soft sewn edges
  • Durable

No matter & nbsp; which glass cleaner you use:
  1. Spray a small amount of product on the pane / glass
  2. Spread it with one side of the towel
  3. Turn the towel over or take a new one / clean and dry
  • Wash alone - possibly with microfiber towels with short fibers. If the fibers get infected in the towel, you will pull fibers over the pane the next time you need to use the towels
  • Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees.
  • Use a dedicated detergent for microfiber
  • Never use fabric softener
  • Hang to dry on a drying rack or give them a ride in the dryer


My windows streak - even though I use Glass Cleaning Cloth. What am I doing wrong
  • 2 things. You are either using too much product or your towels are damp. Change to a clean / dry towel often and turn down your product consumption a bit
Which glass cleaner do you recommend?
  • If you would like to be able to seal the window while wiping it, try Vision from Auto Glanz
  • If you just want to clean the windows inside and out - try Moonshine from Auto Glanz.