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Auto Glanz De-Odour - Make your cabin a nice place to be

Auto Glanz De-Odour is a modern deodouriser that degrades and replaces bad odour in the cabin with a fresh tropical scent.

It is simply sprayed on the affected areas - be it seats, mats orcarpets in fabric.

The active ingredients in the product break down the smell by chemically bonding to the odour molecules to stop the aroma and instantly renders them inert. 


When the product dries up - the bad smell will be gone and replaced by a pleasant fresh scent.

The intensity of the scent can be adjusted according to the amount sprayed on the fabric. More product will also mean a longer enjoyment of the scent, even if it is not what the product is primarily intended for.

In our version, we have tried to hit a fragrance shade that is fresh, tropical - but at the same time has a little warmth.

We are convinced that 9/10 will like it 👍

Great for giving the cabin a lift after a cleaning or vacuuming. 


  • Decomposes odour at the source in the fibers of the fabric
  • Adds a fresh subsequent scent 

How To Guide: 

  1. Spray the product on a dry surface in fabric
  2. Wait for it to dry


Can I use the product anywhere other than in the car?
Yes, you can use it on sofas and other types of furniture with fabric surfaces. A single spray in the room will also give a fresh scent