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Auto Glanz Multi - Muscular Multifunction All Purpose Cleaner

Multi is, as the name suggests, a product you can use to clean a wide variety of surfaces. The product is highly alkaline, but free of harsh chemistry and phosphorus.

It’s good for cleaning inside and outside the car. 


It is particularly suitable for cleaning trim and plastic, engine compartments, rims and tires - or as a prewash product. Multi has anti-corrosion additives, which means that it can be used on delicate surfaces such as untreated steel and aluminum. 

Use it clean as it comes from the bottle, or dilute it e.g. all the way up to 1:50 for lighter tasks.

A real multi-artist

An All Purpose Cleaner (APC) is a tool that fits well into any enthusiast's arsenal. 


Even though it cannot replace all other products, it will be able to do many of the things you want for several different tasks. 

So for example:

Grab it when the door seams and engine compartment need to be thoroughly cleaned. Grab it when there is a stain on the door side. And dilute it in a spray bottle when you need to remove a stain on one of the seats.

The product foams up easily when you use it and it therefore helps to lift the dirt from the surface, so you can subsequently easily wipe it off - or rinse it off with water. 


  • Can be used for cleaning many different surfaces
  • Free of harsh chemistry
  • Phosphorus-free
  • Great for engine washing and for door jams
  • Gentle on untreated surfaces in aluminum and steel
  • Can be used “as-is” or diluted for the purpose

Contents: 500 ml 


  1. Spray directly on the surface to be clean or apply via a microfiber towel
  2. Touch the surface if necessary and remove residual product with plenty of water / wipe thoroughly
  3. Be sure to protect cleaned surfaces


What should I dilute it in if I use it on the interior? 

  • The product can be used clean on very dirty surfaces. But remember to “spot test” somewhere to avoid discoloration. For light cleaning, it can be diluted 1:30-1:50