Laser Edge Dual 380

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Auto Glanz Dual Laser Edge 380 - Microfiber for many tasks

With Laser Glge 380 from Auto Glanz, you get 2 & nbsp; microfiber towels made to wipe coatings, waxes, sealants, polishes and interior surfaces. The towels are nicely packed in a 2-pack in 2 different colors. Ideal if you work with coatings so you have for wiping as well as one to dry after with. & Nbsp; The towels are "without" edge so they do not scratch during wiping. The towels have a resp. side in short / long fibers. With the short fibers you can grab the residual product - and the long one to dry with. & Nbsp;

Our 2-go 'towel

A pack of Laser Edge 380 is just always nice to have on hand. It's pretty much the same thing you need to wipe, then the towels can be used for the purpose.

As we write, there is something they are very suitable for than anything else. We'll get to that. But in principle, only you set the limit. & Nbsp;

The towels have a resp. plus and tightly woven side - which is a bit of an overlooked factor blank many towels. The reason it is good is that one side (short) grips well on the residual product you want to wipe. The one with set side (long fibers), is ideal for drying after for a stripe-free finish.

Varnish protection and especially coatings.

If you need to wipe a ceramic coating, you can not do without the towels. The smart thing here is that the towels are divided into colors. For example. use the yellow towel to wipe with - and then the gray to wipe after. We have used the towels to wipe & nbsp; many different coatings, waxes and sealers & nbsp; - and they just work super well for that. 1-2 packages are enough for one car.


The Laser Edge 380 also works great inside the cabin. It ranges from hand surfaces in plastic and leather - to infotainment screens and delicate surfaces. Remember on screens to use the short woven side, as well as on e.g. piano black surfaces to use an interior details as "lubricant".

Contents: 2 pcs

Dimensions: < 40 x 40 cm and 380 GSM

Subsequent care:


  • Avoid washing with other laundry that can "contaminate" the towels.
  • The towels contain color that is contagious. Therefore, wash gray towel separately, and yellow towel separately.
  • Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees. Do not use fabric softener or other emollient
  • Wash with a dedicated microfiber washing product. It will keep the fibers soft and delicious.
  • Can be dried in a dryer on cold air / gentle. It will open the fibers. Alternatively, hang them to dry on a string.


  • Towels of this type will throw their hair along the sides!
  • They will lose the fibers over time - especially if used with chemistry containing solvents
  • Dispose of them after use of wiping glass-ceramic coatings