Super Soft Detailing Brushes (Pack of 2 pcs)

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Auto Glanz Super Soft Detailing Brushes - When You Want the Wildest!

With these Super Soft Detailing Brushes, you get the market's softest detailing brushes. The brushes are set in the world to take the best possible care of delicate surfaces such as. piano lacquer and other delicate surfaces that you do not want to scratch. The detailing brushes can be used both indoors and outdoors, so if you want the ultimate brushes to brush dust away from interior surfaces then you can use them for that. Likewise, if you want to best fit your glossy black window moldings or Rotiform rims - then the brushes also work perfectly for external use with several different types of chemistry. Super Soft Detailing Brushes come in a 2-pack, so you get a card and a lacquer brush.


If you thought you (if you are a woman) or your wife (if you have one) had the softest brushes for applying powder - then you are wrong (!) Our Super Soft Detailing Brushes take hysterical car care to the next level with these extremely soft brushes. Why is it so necessary? Yes, there are just many areas on a car today that can be scratched if you do not use the right accessories for cleaning.


Eg. ., then in many modern cars there are many areas with high-gloss finish. There are also many screens and displays where dust naturally settles on. And these surfaces are scratched bars by looking at them.

Our Super Soft Detailing Brushes help you remove dust from these surfaces safely. The extremely soft hairs will not scratch the surfaces. And they will easily help you brush dust away from several different surfaces.


Likewise, they are a real pleasure to work with on the outside of the car. We love to use them after applying pre-wash product (Snow Foam), to go around and loosen dirt around window moldings, emblems and hooks and edges. And the good thing about the soft bristles is that once they are filled with the foam from your prewash product, they become even softer!

For rims, it is also super good to use if you are the type who usually keeps it well friendly. In terms of the soft bristles, the brushes do not grip super hard - but grip enough to solve road films etc. as your rim branch resolves.

  • The softest brushes on the market. Made from wild boar hair!
  • Does not contain scratchy metal or sharp edges
  • Ergonomically good. Has a nubbed grip and can be held like a pencil
  • Use them to brush dust away from air nozzles, screens and other interior surfaces
  • Can be used for gentle cleaning of exterior surfaces such as window moldings, emblems and rims
Content: 2 pcs
  • Large brush: 24 cm
  • Small brush: 16 cm
  • Rinse them clean of water after use
  • Squeeze the water out of the brushes
  • Hang them to dry