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Auto Glanz Moonshine - Fog-inhibiting glass cleaner

Moonshine is an efficient and fast evaporating glass cleaner, which makes it incredibly easy to clean windows and glass with a streak free result. 

The product is not just another glass cleaner in the series, but a product that we have spent a year developing. Based on a refined mixture of solvents and alcohol. These things allow the product to clean even incredibly dirty glass, without streaking. Excess product evaporates quickly, leaving the panes / glass perfect.

The product is so effective that it is used on inner glass - it will break down the film that sits on the pane, which can often cause the windows to mist. Hereby one can say that Moonshine actually has a fog inhibiting effect.

Goes Really Deep!

Moonshine is the ultimate glass cleaner!

Ultimate in the sense that if you struggle with windows that streak when you clean them - well, then Moonshine will do the job for you easily. You really have to put an effort into getting it wrong! 

We also tested it outdoors in the autumn / winter period where the humidity means that products that evaporate quickly may not work as intended. But even here we could use Moonshine, quickly wiping the dirt off the windows - and then the evaporation did the rest.

If you have children who put their hands on the windows inside, leaving greasy windows, you will also love the product. Spray on, wipe with a glass cloth and then the windows are clear. 

For the windshield, we experience with Moonshine that even though it has a high alcohol content, it does peel a window sealer (if you have applied one). So basically it just removes road film and leaves the sealed surface. 

Contents: 500 ml, 1 liter or 5 liters

How To Guide:

  1. Spray directly on the glass
  2. Distribute the product with one side of the a microfiber towel
  3. Flip the towel and dry