Vision Glass Cloth (Pack of 3 pcs)

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Auto Glanz Vision Glass Cloth - Waffle Woven Perfection

With Vision Glass Cloth, you get a towel dedicated to cleaning windows and glass. A special waffle-woven structure means that the towel easily grips and collects dirt on the glass surfaces, while making the glass easy to dry without stripes. Can be used with any glass cleaner and is easy to maintain. Contains 3 & nbsp;

Premium for glass ..

Can one talk about premium cloths for glass. Yes, we think so. Cloths for glass can have different shapes, structures and quality. And with Vision Glass Cloth, you get a pack of high-quality glass cloths. 

Unlike other glass cloths, Vision Glass Cloth is generally made of a thicker material. Ie. that you get a cloth that can absorb more product and dirt. At the same time, it has a waffle-woven structure that is super good for grabbing what is sitting on the surface. & Nbsp;


Less is more

Even though we say it over and over again; "Less is more". Then we often see that a lot of people use too much glass cleaner in the fight to get the windows clean. But here, too, Vision Glass Cloth comes to your rescue. Because it is due to the good absorbency - then it is easier for you to get the windows strip-free. Then you should use a little too much product, then the cloths will help you get to the goal. & Nbsp;

And that is also why they come in a package with 3 pcs. i. Because we are sure that you can reach around your car with 3 cloths with a really good result. & nbsp;


  • 40 x 40 cm
  • Thick and waffle woven - Good absorbency
  • No Borders
  • Durable


No matter & nbsp; which glass cleaner you use:

  1. Spray a small amount of product on the pane / glass
  2. Spread it with one side of the towel
  3. Turn the towel over or take a new one / clean and dry


  • Wash alone - possibly with microfiber towels with short fibers. If the fibers get infected in the towel, you will pull fibers over the pane the next time you need to use the towels
  • Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees.
  • Use a dedicated detergent for microfiber
  • Never use fabric softener
  • Hang to dry on a drying rack or give them a ride in the dryer


My windows streak - even though I use & nbsp; Vision Glass Cloth. What am I doing wrong

  • 2 things. You are either using too much product or your towels are damp. Change to a clean / dry towel often and turn down your product consumption a bit

Which glass cleaner do you recommend?

  • If you would like to be able to seal the window while wiping it, try Vision from Auto Glanz.
  • If you just want to clean the windows inside and out - try Moonshine from Auto Glanz.