Laser Edge 320

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Auto Glanz Laser Edge 320 - A Towel for Everything

With the Laser Edge 320 you get a delicious 40 x 40 cm microfiber towel, which can be used for almost all tasks. The towel is 320 GSM and borderless, so it can be used for interiors, folds, wiping polishes, coatings and quick details. A cool towel if you do not want to work with many different types for several different surfaces.

We catch it almost every time

There is not a place where you can not use the Laser Edge 320. Maybe right next to windows / glass - but otherwise it's just the towel we almost grab every single time we have to wipe something. The fibers are dense, but a little softer than the typical "Terry" towel, which is why you, together with an interior retailer, can easily e.g. can use it for piano black surfaces. Likewise, this type of fiber is great for wiping polishes and coatings. And do you use it for a little more "absorption-heavy" tasks such as wiping off quick details.

Content: 1 pc - Choose between Blue / Black

  • Soft - 320 GSM
  • Great for wiping coatings, polishes, etc.
  • Borderless - does not scratch
  • Wash the towel separately
  • Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees
  • Do not use rinse / bleach
  • Use a dedicated microfiber detergent
  • Dry them in the dryer - it will open the fibers