Wheel & Fender Brush

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Auto Glanz Wheel & Fender Brush - For the front of the rim, fenders, engine compartment etc.

With Wheel & Fender Brush gives you a rim brush with a short handle, made to clean the front of the rim, inner fenders and e.g. engine compartment. The bristles of the brush are stiff enough to clean e.g. the tire sides and surfaces with structure, but at the same time soft enough for cleaning the front of the rim. By soaking the brush before use, the bristles become extra softened - suitable if you e.g. has glossy black rims.

Get over the rim quickly

With Wheel & Fender Brush, you get a rim brush that can quickly clean the front of your rims. Combine it with e.g. Hoops Shampoo in your rim bucket, and you have a super cool setup for cleaning your rims.

The handle of the brush has structure, so there is a little extra grip on the brush. Especially good when it gets wet.

We use the brush for the front of the rim, but on some rims it can also get in between the spokes. If you have plenty of space between the rim and inner fenders, the brush is also suitable here.

The brush is also suitable for engine compartments - or generally anywhere where you need some scrubbing power.


Before first use, it is recommended to rinse the brush thoroughly with water.

Please soak the brush for a few minutes in your rim bucket in water/rim shampoo. Rinse it clean of dirt, water and soap after use and get the water out of it - before letting it air dry.