Valet+ Traffic Film Remover

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Auto Glanz Traffic Film Remover - For cleaning all exteriors

Traffic Film Remover is a cost-effective cleaning agent to remove any kind of unwanted road film, dirt and grime. The application options are entirely up to you. You can use it in engine compartments, door seams, rims, wheel arches and of course on paint. And depending on the task, you can dilute up to 1: 250. Traffic Film Remover can also be used in automated washing systems. Eg. high pressure cleaners with automatic dosing.

A must have ..
There are many good reasons why you should have Traffic Film Remover in your range. First of all, it is cheaper than an APC. Next, it is potentially much more powerful, and gets unwanted road film removed faster and more efficiently.

And efficiency is perhaps what we think is most important. Sure, it's cheap - and it's cool, but it's really worth it.

If you need to totally strip a surface, go down in 1: 10-20. Yes, 1:10 - 1:20! And from here you can quietly move up to 1: 250 - depending on the task. This also means that 5 liters of Traffic Film Remover can potentially be diluted with 12,500 liters of ready-mixed product.

"Does it eat the paint protection?"

Depending on how you mix it, it can well dissolve organic products such as carnauba wax, etc. We have tested down to 1:20 on a varnish protected with Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax. Here, the paint protection showed no degradation - but was in turn so clean that the paint did not need further significant touch.


  • Extremely cost effective. Can be diluted in up to 1: 250
  • Effectively removes all kinds of dirt and grime, oils, insects, road films, etc.
  • Can be used on all exterior surfaces
  • Ideal for larger tasks such as trucks ect
  • Works ideally in pump sprays, foam lances or via hot water systems
  • Has a good adhesion and foaming effect

Dilute 1-2% product in automated systems
Dilute 1:50 to really dirty surfaces. Go up or down as needed


  1. Apply via high pressure cleaner or pump sprayer
  2. Let the product work for a moment and touch the area if necessary
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. If necessary, apply Snowfoam after applying Traffic Film Remover. This gives the product a slightly longer working time - and you save a flush (workflow). Then you are ready to wash the car.