Valet+ Glass Cleaner

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Auto Glanz Valet+ Glass Cleaner - Glass cleaner without so much nonsense

Clean windows, without so much butter around? Then you need to get hold of Glass Cleaner from Auto Glanz. Here you get a gloss cleaner which is incredibly economical to use. Just a spray on a pane - spread, turn the towel and you're done. Now you have control of fat fingers, insects, aircon film and what else typically settles on windows and glass. Quick, easy and secure.

When you want something that just works
The price does not always have to follow performance. Especially not when we talk products from Auto Glanz. Here you get high performance at a low price. And who does not appreciate it?

Valet+ Glass Cleaner is simple and effective. It does not contain silicone, wax or any of the abrasives. It's just off the highway.

For those of you who work with car care and use lots of glass cleaner every single day, you will appreciate that it passes the "sniff test". Now we know that you have to be a little careful about sticking your nose in chemistry. But especially glass cleaner can have a very sharp shade. But Valet+ Glass Cleaner, you can stick your snout in without getting a sore spout! And it's nice when working in closed areas, such as. inside the car or in environments without the large ventilation.

Calm down…

If you have been used to spraying your glass cleaner on windows, then there is no need for Valet+ Glass Cleaner at all. Here you get really far pr. liters, as you basically only need a single or 2 sprays on a window. We tested it together with CarPro's microfiber for glass, GlassFiber - and here it worked super well to be stingy with the product. Especially because it has an evaporation. And the more product you use - the more you have to wipe before the rest can evaporate by itself. BUT… If you use it as recommended, we promise that you will give the customer cars crystal clear windows and glass super easily - just as it should be!


  1. Pour into a atomizer
  2. Spray 1, max 2 sprays on e.g. one window at a time.
  3. Wipe with a piece of microfiber for glass.
  4. Turn the microfiber over and dry.