Valet+ Fallout Remover

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Auto Glanz Fallout Remover - Concentrated fly rust remover / rim cleaner

For the first time as of this writing - we offer from Auto Glanz a concentrated fly rust remover / rim cleaner. Fallout Remover can, like some of the very few products, be diluted 1: 1. Ie. 5 liters here - can be up to 10 liters if you wish. In its undiluted form, you get a powerful fly rust remover - which makes it safe and quick to remove burnt metal particles on paint, plastic and rims. This makes it an important product in the process of getting the paint ready for further correction. As it should be, the product has a color change - so you see the effect as it happens.

Power so it can be diluted…

Very few manufacturers of this type of product describe that it can be diluted. Whether it is to make more money and you need more product - we do not know. But we think it's super cool when Auto Glanz here with Fallout Remover says; “If only light treatment is needed, it is not necessary to use it clean. Save on the drops and dilute the product - then you will still reach the finish line ”. It potentially gives you twice as much product as other products like .. Maybe, maybe can not be diluted. It is awesome !

Fallout Remover easily dissolves most of the fly rust on the paint. After working for 5 minutes, there was significantly less precipitation left. And that just means that with subsequent clay’ing, there was far less to pick up. And the less we have to remove mechanically, the less risk there is of making further errors in the paint which must subsequently be corrected. Time = Money!

Wheel Cleaner

Fallout Remover contains a bit of cleaning agents that make it good for rims too. A lot of fly rust removers are really only good at removing metal particles and not really dirt. But here it also shines.

Auto Glanz has in addition to Fallout Remover and the product Wheel Degreaser. For really dirty rims, we recommend starting with Wheel Degreaser and subsequently following suit with Fallout Remover. Then you are aiming for super clean rims!


  • Super efficient
  • Is safe to use on all types of rims
  • Concentrated: Can be diluted 1: 1
  • Foamy and good adhesion effective

  1. Clean the surface of major dirt
  2. Shake the bottle thoroughly
  3. Spray the product on the desired surface
  4. Wait a few minutes
  5. Rinse or touch the area (rims) with suitable accessories

The product is most effective on dry surfaces.