Valet+ Truck Wash

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Auto Glanz Trade Truck Wash

Truck Wash is a powerful, foaming alkaline prewash that can be used to clean heavily soiled surfaces on large vehicles. The product has a degreasing effect, which is why it removes road film, oils and grease. Ideal for large truck washing of trucks, vans or trailers. The product has a foaming effect, so it can be used via foam lance or foam sprays. It can also be mixed in automatic dosing systems on hot / cold water purifiers. Note: Professional product!

Extremely heavy prewash
Truck Wash is not your regular pH-neutral prewash. Here you get a product with a very high pH value that has only 1 purpose, which is to get to the bone. The product is therefore not suitable for maintenance washes, but only for use on heavily soiled surfaces - where you want a strong product that comes to the bottom quickly. With the right mixing ratio, the product has the power to dissolve oils, grease and all kinds of road film (!).

The product is opposite a TFR developed so that it can be used in a foam lance, foam sprayer and with automatic dosing systems in hot / cold water cleaners. Ie. the product can be applied as a foam, which increases the working time. When mixed correctly, the product will therefore also have a stronger effect - but still be just as safe to use. Because even though it can take the brunt of most types of paint protection, it is safe to use on all exterior surfaces.

Recommended for:

  • Large car cleaning
  • Cleaning of agricultural machinery
  • Cleaning of industrial machines, excavators, cranes ect.
  • Cleaning of heavily soiled engine compartments
  • General cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces


Truck Wash can be diluted in:

Foam lance:
Mixing conditions: Depends on water pressure / equipment, so adjustment according to local conditions must be expected. Start with 1: 5 and mix fats as needed.

Foam sprayer:
Mixing ratio: Up to 1: 500

Automatic dosing system: Mixing ratio: 1%