Touchless Wash

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Auto Glanz Touchless Wash - For heavily soiled surfaces

With Touchless Wash you get a powerful pre-wash product, designed to remove as much dirt as possible without touching, before contact washing a vehicle. The product can be diluted from 1-2% in automatically dosed washing systems or from 1:350 in a pump sprayer/nebulizer. Touchless Wash is non-caustic and generally formulated to avoid splashes on glossy surfaces, plastic and rubber. In addition to being of course great for professional use, it also makes the product more user-friendly than other similar alkaline products. The product is not wax/coating safe, which is why you have to expect retreatment of the lacquer protection with continuous use of the product.

Targeted fast cleaning / heavily soiled assailants

In the ideal world, many, including ourselves, would like a product that you could simply apply to a vehicle and rinse off - and then it was clean without touching. The product does not exist yet and may never exist. But new ingredients exist and new chemistry can be made and Touchless Wash is one of the products that takes us closer to this desire.

Let's therefore state right away that Touchless Wash is NOT a product for touchless washing of various vehicles - but it can help when it is necessary to touching the vehicle less. Touchless must therefore be understood as "Touch less".

How is the product particularly relevant, after all: Touchless is particularly good on vehicles that often get very dirty and where it sometimes takes a long time between them being washed. Typically, it could be industrial vehicles such as trucks and excavators - but e.g. also fine for rental and company cars.

The ingredients in Touchless Wash are formulated so that it effectively softens/dissolves very stubborn dirt. That is that you simply apply the product, let it soak and then rinse off. And you will be left with a vehicle that needs far less touching to be clean.

Brute / Truck Wash / TFR

A natural question for many will probably be how Touchless Wash is different compared to Brute, Truck Wash and Traffic Film Remover?

Touchless is more powerful than Brute. In fact, just as powerful as TFR and Truck Wash, but much more "delicate". Since it is not caustic, unlike TFR and Truck Wash, it will not have a potentially damaging effect on chrome, plastic and rubber. So overall a more modern, more refined, even safer but still incredibly powerful product.


  1. Apply the product directly to the surface via the high-pressure cleaner's dosing system or with pump sprays.
  2. Leave the product applied for a moment without drying out.
  3. Rinse the surfaces thoroughly with warm/cold water and make sure to rinse the product away from joints and e.g. door rebate.