Piste Coloured Foam (500 ml)

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Piste Coloured Foam Prewash - Blue, Green or Orange

Add color to your foam/pre-wash with these 3 coloured versions of Auto Glanz Piste.

Whether you are coming from a pre-wash product from the top shelf or whether you are going out and buying your first - we are sure that you will be impressed by Piste from Auto Glanz. Here you get a solid pre-wash product that, despite being ph-neutral, also has plenty of "cleaning power". And that's even if the mixing ratio starts as low as 1:19 in your foam lance! Piste produces a fantastic foam which sits on the paint for 6-8 minutes before it is rinsed off. And in the best Auto Glanz style, the scent has been tweaked a bit - so you get a pleasant scent of apple. It's almost too good to be true!

Low price, high quality

We are often asked; "How is it that Auto Glanz is so cheap compared to brand x or x?"

Our answer is; "It's because Auto Glanz has decided that it has to be that way. Premium products don't necessarily always have to have a premium price!"

And Piste is just another one of those products where you really get "bang for the buck". It does everything you expect a good pre-wash product to do:

  • Give a good foam that stays on the paint for a long time
  • Has a good softening effect, so the majority of dirt is easily washed away
  • Be safe to use on all surfaces
  • It does not eat your paint protection

But what makes it particularly good?

Not only does Piste do the above, it does it even if you dilute it in your foam lance all the way down to 1:19. That is you can simply put 50 ml of product in the foam lance and then fill up with 950 ml of water - and then you have an effective pre-wash! So there aren't very many pH-neutral pre-wash products that can do that, if any at all. Not only is it an achievement in itself, but it also makes liter prices super cheap - when you can get up to 20 prewashes out of just 1 liter of concentrate. is worth it if performance is not included. And that is absolutely true. But we can reassure you that even with the low dilution, good performance is included.

We tested both on paint that was ceramic coated, as well as on unprotected paint. And especially at the bumper, just behind the rear wheel where you get a lot of road film rolled up - our expectations were not particularly high. But even though the area here was untreated, it removed pretty much everything in this area in the subsequent rinse. Preserved, there was just a bit of film that had to be touched with the washing hand - but it was incredibly little.

On surfaces that were ceramic coated (6 months old coating), yes - there it was almost a waste of time to go over the area again with the wash hand. So, it must be said to be more than approved!


  1. Fill 50-100 ml of Piste in your foam lance
  2. Fill the rest with hot water
  3. Turn the foam lance to max !
  4. Distribute Piste from top to bottom
  5. Let the product sit on the varnish for 5-8 min
  6. Rinse thoroughly with water
  7. Then continue with your preferred washing routine.

Due to the high content of dye, it is important that the product does not dry on the surface and that the varnish is thoroughly rinsed after use. Note that the foam may stain textiles.


  • The concentration of the color and the thickness of the foam can be adjusted by changing the amount of the product. The more product, the thicker the foam and the stronger the colour.
  • Rinse your foam lance thoroughly after use.
  • Use the product in the shade and on cool surfaces. This allows the product to work longer.

Pro tip:

Piste can be diluted from 1:50 up to 1:200 in a foam sprayer