Adapters for Auto Glanz Snow Storm Foam Cannon

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  • Nilfisk : Nilfisk consumes machines (Typically machines that have the model designation C, D, E, P, etc.)
  • Nilfisk Core : New type of cleaner from Nilfisk. Typically also fits Gerni and Stihl
  • Nilfisk Pro: Typically fits Nilfisk models of hot water purifiers
  • Black & amp; Decker: Fits Black & amp; Decks and typically Biltema machines. 
  • Kärcher K-Series / Ava : Typically fits Kärcher K-Models such as K3, K4, K5, K7, etc. It also fits many AVA machines.
  • Kärcher HDS: Kärcher HDS series
  • Kärcher Easy Lock: Kärcher machines that run with Easy Lock Coupling
  • Quick Release: Fits Triggerguns
  • Coupling without adapter: Coupling that fits the foam lance, but where you build an adapter yourself.