Grate / Grit Guard for Washbucket

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Washbucket Grate - A Safer Wash

With our grate for washbucket, you get a grate which is put in the bottom of your washbucket The grate will make sure that the dirt that settles in the washing bucket, as your washing medium is cleaned - stays in the bottom. This will reduce the risk of the dirt being returned to the paint and scratching it. The grate fits in our Clear View wash bucket and many other 19 L buckets.

One step closer to the scratch-free car wash

If you want to make your car wash as scratch-free as possible, then there is no way around our grate for washbucket. We do not promise that you do not scratch your paint as there are many factors at play. But with a grate in your bucket, you will reduce the risk.

The grate has some small slats which ensure that when the dirt falls to the bottom - it has a hard time being whirled up. And when it does not swirl up, it does not come back in your washing medium and back on the paint - Less risk of scratching the paint.

The grate also has a surface that is a bit like a washboard. Ie. you can rub your detergent against it to clean it.