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Auto Glanz Foam+ - Makes your products foam (more)

Foam+ is a specially formulated pH-neutral foam booster that you can add to your existing Auto Glanz products so that they can foam or foam more. By adding Foam+ you can use your products in new ways, increase their effectiveness and add more lubricant to them. Eg. make your foam prewash foam better. Use apply your trakfikfilms remover via the foam lance. Add extra lubricant to your rim cleaner, shampoo or APC to reduce friction with surfaces. Simple and cost effective. The possibilities are many! 

Look it's smart!

Foam+ is, in our view, a genius of the greats! Because it changes the way we use our products, so that we get much more out of them. 

Unlike chemistry, which we simply spray on an area, foam has better adhesion. If we apply product X as a foam instead of a liquid liquid (in the same mixing ratio), the product can stay longer on the surface. And longer working time means better dissolving/softening effect. 

What could it be? Yes, it may be a rim cleaner that you are really happy with - but it can't really foam. Then put it in a foam sprayer and add a little Foam+ - and you'll get all the benefits. 

Foam+ also increases the lubrication or what we call the lubricant. That is that you can make the shampoo you use even smoother, thus minimizing the friction between your washing hand and the varnish. Ergo - perform an even gentler wash. 

Pure Shampoo works super well in our wash basin. But it does not work to be applied to the car with the foam lance. That is it didn't. But with Foam+, Pure can now be used in your foam lance.

Minimize overconsumption

Another place where Foam+ can make a difference is e.g. when you mix your foam prewash in your foam lance. Some have a tendency to overuse their pre-wash product because the pressure washer may be too "small" and not deliver enough water to make decent foam. But instead of overusing an expensive pre-wash product, you can instead add a bit of Foam+. It's much cheaper!

Compatible products

What products does Foam+ work on? The product tested with beneficial effect with:

Consuming products:

  • Alkalloy (Rim border)
  • Brute (Traffic films remover)
  • Bubblicious (Shampoo with wax)
  • Bug Off
  • FabriClean (Fabric cleaner)
  • Hoops (Rim Shampoo)
  • Infinite (APC)
  • Leather Cleanse
  • Piste (Foam pre-wash)
  • Pure (Shampoo)
  • Rebound (Tire and rubber cleaner)
  • Spritzer (Citrus-based foam pre-wash)

Professional products:

  • Trade Traffic Film Remover
  • Trade Shampoo (Shampoo)
  • Trade All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
  • Trade Wheel Degreaser (Rim Line)
  • Trade Snowfoam (Foam pre-wash)
  • Trade Truck Wash (Alkaline prewash)

Foam+ will of course be able to be used together with other products from other brands. 


Foam+ is added to your mixes so that it partially replaces some of the product you are diluting. 

  • For shampoos, replace 1/4 of the amount of shampoo you use with Foam+
  • For strong chemistry, replace 1/3 of the amount of chemistry you use with Foam+ 
  • For prewash products, replace 1/5  of the amount of chemistry you use with Foam+ 

The above rates are indicative. How much you have to add depends on how much foam/lubricant you want. Start with a capful and work your way up.. It lathers A LOT 😅