Clear View Washbucket

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Clear View Washbucket - The Ultimate Washbucket

Clear View Washbucket is our answer to the ultimate washbucket. The washbucket is made of 3 mm thick plastic with a reinforced upper part, which makes it perhaps The strongest, dedicated washbucket.

The washing bucket is transparent, so you can look through and see the contents of the bucket. A super cool feature, so you keep an eye on how much dirt accumulates in the bucket. The bucket has a capacity of 20 liters and runs with international standards, so it fits lids and grates.

You must own it!

Normally then washbuckets are available in different colors, sizes and types. But in our optics, the ultimate washbucket is transparent. And why is it such a good idea?


Here you really have a chance to keep an eye on when you need to change the water in your bucket. If the water becomes cloudy, you have no way of discovering it in a through-colored bucket. Because once you have a foam layer in the top of the bucket, you can not see what the water looks like in buckets.

Unlike in the Clear View Washbucket, you can just keep an eye on it - and change the water in time. It makes your washing process much safer. We recommend the washing method with 2 buckets. Ie. you have a washing bucket for your soapy water, as well as your rinsing bucket.

By using this washing method, you reduce the risk of dirt that is washed by the car being taken back up on the paint. As a result, you are less likely to scratch the paint under your wash. If you want an even more secure solution, you can add a grate to your bucket.