Lid for Washbucket

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Washbucket lid - Put lid on

With the lid on, you can either store rim brushes and wash hands dustproof or e.g. take the washing bucket with you out to a washing area. The lids hold 100% tight and have the well-known gamma sealer along the edge. Fits Clear View washbucket, as well as the typical 19/20 liter washbuckets on the market.

Lid Options

  • Yes, then you either have the option of transporting your washing buckets around. Eg. if you do not have the opportunity to wash at home.
  • Or also, it's very comfortable to just be able to screw the lid on - so that no dirt gets into the bucket while you might be doing other things.
  • We do not always use all our soapy water in our washbucket. There is really no reason to throw out 1/2 bucket of water with product - you can actually use it again next time.
  • Last but not least, it allows you to sit or stand on it.