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Auto Glanz ZeroH2O - Car wash without water!

With ZeroH2O you can wash your car without the use of water. Here you get an advanced "waterless wash", which using nanotechnology encapsulates and lifts dirt and grime from the surface. 

Hereby it can be safely removed with a piece of microfiber without adding holograms or scratches. At the same time as cleaning, the product adds a bit of shine. The product is designed to be used on slightly dirty surfaces and if you do not have the option of running water.

"Well, I've heard it scratches the car"

With ZeroH2O you can really "wash" your car, just by spraying the product on and then wiping it off. 

In the past, there were probably many who would say that you could only wash your car with 2 buckets, high-pressure cleaner, etc. But today the rinse-free products are so good that they can only be used with a few restrictions and actually replace a heavy washing setup.

A safe car wash is about touching the car as little as possible, with the least amount of dirt on it.. Therefore, a high content of lubricant and active polymer which can dissolve, encapsulate and lift the dirt - alpha and omega. All this is ZeroH2O. And you notice it right away

Both during wiping and when drying, the paint feels incredibly smooth. 

And the dirt just as easily escapes the surface. All you have left - is an equally fine glossy paint that you can top up with your favorite quick detailer, or just leave it as is.

Car washing can therefore be reduced to something that is done in 20-30 minutes and at the same time is both safer and gives a nicer result than the car wash!

Make small adjustments if the car is very dirty

If your car is very dirty, we recommend that you try to remove the loose dirt on the car first. 

So try to rinse it off if possible. 

Because even though ZeroH2O will probably have to remove the dirt when you wipe it off, large particles of sand grains when it is wiped off the paint will be able to scratch it

And the only way to get them off the paint before touching it is to rinse it over. If you intend to use the product all year round, then in the months when the car is very dirty you can drive into a washing area, and give it that initial rinse. Then you take out the product and the microfiber towels and do as usual!

The same goes for the wheels. You can also use ZeroH2O here. You just do not have to be too cheap with the product, as you need a little more "cleaning-power" here. So give it plenty of product and let it soak a little without it drying in.

If it is completely impossible to rinse it down if it is very dirty, use a little extra product and wet the areas that are extra dirty. Then be a little more careful when it comes to wiping.

"How much microfiber should I use?"

Estimate 4-5 microfiber towels for cleaning an entire car. If you need to top up the protection afterwards, then you’ll probably need a few more. So expect 6-8 pieces of microfiber for a full wash. 


  • Wash the car or motorcycle easily, only with a product and a little microfiber
  • Can be used on all surfaces
  • Leaves the paint with a high gloss
  • Environmentally friendly - as you do not use water
  • Obvious choice if you do not have access to running water
  • Obvious choice if you arrive to a meet-up with a dirty vehicle you want to clean

Contents: 500 ml or 5 liters 

How to Guide:

If the surface is very dirty / soiled, we recommend rinsing the surface as much as possible. If you live in an area where you do not have the opportunity to wash with running water at home, we recommend that you drive to a "wash-yourself" place and rinse the car down first.

  1. Spray the product evenly on one panel at a time. Eg. a door, hood or roof. Be sure to cover the entire panel
  2. Take a waffle woven or soft microfibre towel, fold it many times and gently wipe the surface. As you collect the dirt during wiping, it is important that you turn the towel while drying. So your hand movement should be a bit like when you pet a cat or dog ;-)
  3. Turn the towel to a clean side frequently so you are constantly working with clean sides.
  4. Lay the towel away when all sides are filled with dirt and take a new one.
  5. When you are done, pick up your favorite detail sprays and top up the protection. If you have a few spots you missed, let the detailing spray handle it.