Wool Cut Pad

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Auto Glanz Wool Cut Pad - Aggressive cutting disc for hard lacquers or lacquers with severe washing scratches

With the Auto Glanz Wool Cut Pad, you get a polishing pad developed for the correction of defects in hard clearcoats or clearcoats with many paint defects. The disc is built with a heat-resistant middle part in foam, which ensures that the disc rotates a little easier when driven on curves and edges. And the wool fibers themselves are only 5mm long and very dense, which is why you get increased friction and thereby lots of grinding power. Do not expect the disc to be used for 1-step polishing, unless you find the right mix between lacquer, disc and polish. Recommended with coarse polishing agents.

Price per PCS. (Polishing discs in 1.4 & 2.2¨ are sold exclusively in packs of 5)

The big hammer

Wool Cut Pad is the big hammer in the Auto Glanz range of polishing discs. In other words, the disc you use when removing severe defects in clear coat.

The disc is built up in a sandwich layer with 3 parts. A page that binds to the back disc of your polishing machine. An intermediate layer in heat-resistant foam that does not become super soft due to heat. And finally, the wool on top, which ensures high friction and thus grinding power.

We have tested on medium and hard lacquers, for which the disc was developed. And where you get an easy/quick correction on the intermediate coat - you should expect subsequent finish polishing. On the contrary, on hard clearcoats we have achieved a fairly fine finish even with coarse polishes in 1 step - which, however, was made even better by a light polishing afterwards with fine.

So ergo - the Auto Glanz Wool Cut Pad is the disc you choose when you want a little more grinding power in addition to the usual. But especially for the typical German, slightly harder lacquers.


We recommend blowing the disc after each pass with a tornado gun. And occasionally clean it via a pad washer.

Polishing should be done with 2-3 disks in rotation. That is polish half a front flap or half a door - and switch to a cleaned and cooled disc.

Clean, cooled discs grind better and last longer.