Wheel Brush

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Auto Glanz Wheel Brush - Soft as your washing hand

Wheel Brush from Auto Glanz is a dedicated brush for cleaning your rims. With a very soft microfiber blend, it is ideal to use on rims with delicate high-gloss lacquered surfaces. The brush inside no steel / metal - so the risk of scratching your rims during cleaning is equal to 0. A soft grip in foam ensures you have a good grip on the brush with both dry and wet hands. Try it with Hoops Shampoo !

Imagine ...

... your soft microfiber washing hand, simply wrapped around an elongated brush head. Then you can roughly imagine what the Auto Glanz Wheel Brush is like. Like your washing hand, the microfiber on the brush here absorbs water / soap - making it great to use with a rim shampoo.

In the design of the brush, it has been important that the brush should compliment the more powerful brushes with nylon hair. For where the nylon brush has lots of abrasive power but is hardly so gentle, then the Wheel Brush here is its opposite. That is not to say that it has no cleansing power. But it may be more suitable for you who go up in your rims and cleaning. You who clean often and where you really just need a brush that just needs to touch the sealed rim surface 👍🏻

Grip in foam

The handle is made of soft foam with a hole in the end. This means that no matter if you have wet or dry & nbsp; hands, you will keep it well. And the hole hears that you can hang it to dry after use. & Nbsp;

The same foam used on the handle sits as a safety ring along the brush. It protects your hand from bumping into the rim. & Nbsp;


Use Wheel Brush with either Alkalloy , Primo , Blood Tonic or Hoops . & nbsp;

After use. Rinse it thoroughly free of chemicals. Squeeze the water out of the microfiber and hang it to dry.

Note: The microfiber head can be removed from the brush by pulling hard on the brush.