Valet+ TAR Remover

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Auto Glanz Valet+ TAR Remover - Raw Tar Remover

With Tar Remover from Auto Glanz you get a tar remover in the highest possible quality! 

It’s based on 100% active solvents (contains no water, citrus, etc.) and is therefore extremely effective. It easily removes any tar or residue from glue on all exterior surfaces. 

The tar remover also has good lubricants, so you do not scratch the paint when you wipe the tar. The product works quickly and we’ve made sure it is extremely cost-effective!

Recommended for business use!

The best tar remover on the market?

It’s a bold statement, as - for natural reasons - we have not tried all tar removers on the market. Unlike other tar removers for "hobby use" - then Tar Remover here is not added either water or the limes (citrus) to make a cheap tar remover. With this you get 100% pure product with 100% active solvents - just raw power!

This means that the product works quickly and efficiently. So if you spray it on tar - it starts to dissolve and run off almost immediately. This allows you to quickly wipe off residual product and tar, rinse with water and move on. Just as it should be.

The solvents that Auto Glanz uses are also naturally rich in what we call "lubricants". This means that you get added low friction during wiping. This reduces the risk of scratching the paint while wiping the product.

It must be expensive!? 

Let’s be honest - creating a hardcore tar remover with 100% active ingredients, is not a common product. 

The main reason for this is that it is expensive to produce and the price of the product must subsequently be set accordingly.

But we believe that the increased effectiveness is worth it, and gives you just that right price / performance ratio. 


  • Extremely efficient
  • Based on 100% active ingredients
  • Removes tar and glue deposits with ease
  • Works quickly and is quite cost effective
  • The solvents have natural lubricants that reduce friction during wiping of residual product
  • Can be used on all exterior surfaces 

How To Guide: 

  1. Apply on a clean and dry surface
  2. Mist the product on the affected area
  3. Be sure to let the product dwell for a moment
  4. Wipe with a clean microfiber towel
  5. Rinse off residue and wash with a shampoo

Important: DO NOT let the product dry on the surface