Valet+ Snowfoam

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Auto Glanz Valet+ Snowfoam - Great Cleaning Power

A high foaming snowfoam formulated to offer great cleaning power and not break the bank while still maintaining the quality you expect from AutoGlanz.

Auto Glanz Trade Snowfoam - Super concentrated Snow Foam

With Auto Glanz Valet+ Snowfoam you get a highly dilutable Snow foam, without breaking the bank. It can be diluted all the way down to 1:100 - which still gives you what you are looking for: Effective soaking of dirt and grime, without removing any paint protection.

Really economical

If low price and good performance means something to you and your business - then there is no way around Snowfoam from Auto Glanz.

When looking at traditional pre-wash products, you typically need to dilute them in 1:3-1:9 to achieve their full effect. 

By comparison, you can just dilute Snowfoam to 1:20 to get the same effect as the more traditional pre-wash products. 

And if you really want to drive cost-effectively, then you can go all the way down to 1:100. meaning that you just use just 10 ml of product for a whole pr-ewash! So 5 liters of Snowfoam can stretch up to 500 cars / washes!

It just works!

You might be worried it won’t work at that price / dilution ratio. But honestly, we simply won’t sell a product that we do not believe in. Snowfoam just works.

See a couple of the pictures of the effect in the mixture 1:20. 

It basically attacks bird droppings and is really effective in softening other dirt, so it only takes a light touch during hand washing to remove the road grime.

And if you team it up with Auto Glanz TFR (Traffic film remover), you will have a 90% clean paint before you go to put your hand on it for the first time. Fast and efficient!

No Streaks… No fuss… 

Snowfoam gives you time to work on the car while the Snow Foam clinches on the paint. You have time to get around badges and edges with a soft brush - and even though it naturally gets thinner as time goes by you can on colder days wait up to 15 minutes before rinsing off with a high-pressure washer.

It leaves no streaks, but just takes off bigger chunks of dirt. And when you subsequently touch the paint with your washing hand, you quickly notice that the dirt has softened. Just as it should be!

Fragrance: Chewing gum (and it's good 😉) 


  • Highly foamy
  • Super concentrated
  • Does not damage paint sealers, waxes or coatings 

How To Guide: 

  1. Fill 10-50 ml Snowfoam into the foam lance
  2. Fill the rest with warm water
  3. Adjust the foam lance to max
  4. Spray on the paint and let it dwell for a few moments (do not let it dry)
  5. Rinse off