Valet+ Gloss Dressing

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Auto Glanz Valet+ Gloss Dressing - For inside and Out

Auto Glanz Gloss Interior Dressing - A multi function, concentrated gloss dressing for interior and exterior trims & plastics

Right out of the bottle, it delivers a nice OEM look - but can be dampened simply by being diluted with water. It contains no solvents, but can still clean a bit - if you just want a light clean and treat.

This is cool!

Gloss Interior Dressing is a product that your customers wish they could buy from you! 

They’ll be coming back for more when they see that beautiful interior or engine compartment that you have cleaned. 

Gloss dressing can be diluted to the purpose you will be using it for.

It is incredibly easy to distribute and level, leaves a satin, non-greasy finish and can be touched immediately after application.

It has a pleasant sweet scent when you apply it, and a bit of the scent remains when you're done - so the interior not only looks clean, but also smells clean.

On door trims in plastic that have not been cleaned regularly, it removes fine dirt and leaves it neat and clean.

As previously mentioned, Gloss Interior Dressing can be used both indoors and outdoors. That is, it is also ideal for giving:

  • Engine compartment a refresh
  • Panels in plastic a nice dark look with good fullness
  • Plastic grills get to look like new

And you decide whether you want to spray directly on the subject to be cleaned, or apply through a microfiber towel or applicator.

5 liters can give up to 30 liters of ready-mixed dressing!

Contents: 1 Liter, 5 Liters or 25 Liters.

How to Guide: 

  1. Shake bottle well before use.
  2. Dilute it up to 1:5 with water if a lower gloss is desired.
  3. Spray it directly onto the area to be dressed or onto a microfibre and work it into the surface.
  4. Buff to a high shine, dry finish if desired with a clean microfibre towel.